Values & Beliefs

Purpose उद्देश्य – Why we exist?

Adding Joys To Journeys

अनेक यात्राओं में अनेक खुशीया ं

¨Journey यात्रा-

¤Every thing is in motion or journey- mountains to rock to dust to crop to food to manure to tree to seed to bird….. People are born, grow, and fade away, Moments in time.

¨Joys खुशीया ं  –

  • Making most of the moment, and spreading joy. Being happy, and also taking care of other people to spread joy, create magical moments, and a life well lived!

Values- What defines us

üFun आनंद

üEnjoy the time we spend at work, to grow, to learn, and spread the cheer!

üFast गिüित- (चलो अभी करें!)

üSpeed of things, with accuracy. Lets Do It now!

üHygienic स्वच्छता

üCleanliness in all aspects, including conduct

üHospitality सत्कार

üBeing courteous, to other team members, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders