Pinjore Dhaba

Pinjore Dhaba Concept

to the wayfarer!

An eclectic mix of fabulous rustic food, with unique ambience, and served in a fast casual style, the concept is favourite amongst the people on the move, and the locals alike!

The Indian cuisine, is undoubtedly the most versatile and nourishing cuisine in the world, and every dish has its nuances, and every house its own secret recipe of making it delicious!

The concept has been created by Vikas Rai Chauhan, has two decades of rich, diversified, International & National experience in corporate roles & entrepreneurship. With exposure in various domains – QSRs, Food Service, Modern Retail, IT, Hotels, Cinema, Consulting etc. he has a well rounded exposure- he is also an alumni of IIM Ahmadabad.

It is his dream to serve amazing fresh food, at great prices, and satiating hunger, nourishing soul of people, and also provide a meaningful career to the team.